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A short introduction to the Mental Health Act

… There are three main kinds of compulsory powers Emergency detention This would allow someone to be detained in hospital … in mental health should also be obtained Short-term detention This would allow someone to be detained in hospital … a doctor to come and assess the patient and decide whether detention in hospital is appropriate The -hour period can be …

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Concerns about the care of women with mental ill health in prison in Scotland

… in October The CPT carry out visits to all places of detention including police cells prisons closed psychiatric institutions and immigration detention centres After each visit a report with findings and … Individuals who experience mental ill health in places of detention such as prison can be particularly vulnerable and …

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Mr GH - listening to relatives and carers - a case study

… Mental Welfare Commission In February we were notified in detention papers that a year-old man Mr GH had been admitted … The next contact with his GP was when he went to complete detention papers Contact with Criminal Justice Team CJT Due … They decided Mr GH did not appear to meet the criteria for detention under the mental health act and they left advising …

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Preparation of care plans for people subject to compulsory care and treatment

… the grounds for compulsion If the RMO grants suspension of detention for a period of more than days and if the RMO revokes that suspension of detention If the RMO grants suspension of measures other than detention in hospital for a period of more than days and if …

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Board minutes 29 June 2021

… for discussion and or approval Presentation on Deaths in detention and homicide review Alison Thomson Alison Thomson …

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Focussed Visit reports 2011-12

… our focussed visits to hospitals, care homes, prisons and detention centres, specialist services and learning … facilities Older people s wards in hospital Prison and detention centres Registered care homes Secure units Young … provision of patient information particularly relating to detention and other proceedings under the Act in the patient …

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New Craigs Hospital, Bruar Ward (16 May 2022, announced)

… mental health and incapacity legislation Where subject to detention under the Mental Health Care and Treatment Scotland … of their detained status Where individuals were subject to detention under the Mental Health Act all relevant current detention paperwork was present in the files Part ss - of the …

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Business Plan

… hospital or in the community including those who had their detention suspended In all of this work seeking to increase … health act including an analysis of the rise in the use of detention for young people and the revocation periods for short term detention certificates A better understanding on how the …

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Business plan review 2020-2021

… Progress Develop a system of review for deaths in detention that is agreed with stakeholders and present costed … To produce a report on the use of emergency and short term detention orders under MHA from March to August Exec Dir … August Published in October Analysis of rise in use of detention for young people Analysis of MHO consent in EDCs …

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Great Western Lodge (4 April 2016)

… a hospital service where patients can still be subject to detention We last visited this service on October and made … time he is permitted to stay overnight on suspension of detention SUS in his place of residence However this level of … where people are detained prevent ill-treatment and ensure detention is consistent with international standards When we …

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