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Deprivation of Liberty

… makers and consent to a deprivation of liberty C Lawful detention of individuals Substantive requirements Procedural … under the common law principle of necessity Emergency detention B Care and treatment under the Adults with … accordance with a procedure prescribed by law e the lawful detention of persons of unsound mind When considering whether …

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Significantly impaired decision making ability – How well is it recorded in practice?

… including but not limited to the criteria for emergency detention in hospital s up to hours detention the criteria for short term detention in hospital s up to days detention and provisions …

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ND1 notification of death form

… of death The deceased died within one month of cease of detention under the above Acts The patient died as a result … phone number Consultant email address Part 3. Details of detention (any detention within one month of death if applicable) The …

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Appendix A: suggested comments for Scottish Mental Health Law Review

… comments for Scottish Mental Health Law Review - Deaths in Detention reviews. … Suggested comments for the Scottish Mental Health Law Review Deaths in detention reviews The Mental Health Care and Treatment … before or as soon as reasonably practicable after initial detention An effective review of that risk assessment at …

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Response to Petition PE1741: ‘to urge the Scottish Government to introduce a new law addressing the needs and rights of people with lifelong learning disabilities in Scotland.’

… some of the people in hospital units will be subject to detention under the Mental Health Care and Treatment Scotland … The Act is intended to safeguard a patient s rights where detention is necessary However if detention is only necessary because appropriate services have …

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Response to Phase 1 Consultation of the Scottish Mental Health Law Review

… here Proportionality Emergency Detentions Short Term Detention Certificates Compulsory Treatment Orders Designated … you wish to tell the review Appendices Appendix A Death in Detention project information for the Review Appendix B Will … There is a duty under the Act that everyone regardless of detention status has a right to advocacy We discuss this …

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Royal Cornhill, Davan, Muick and Skene Wards 31 August 2017

… individual had not received any IM medication since the detention was revoked and it was agreed on the day that this … of compulsory care e g specified person suspension of detention Recommendation Managers should consider use of an … page for mental health act information including current detention status and a record of all other forms in use …

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Annual Report 2018-2019

… population and the way the law is being used now Use of detention Our monitoring report on the use of the Mental … women under the age of being treated through short term detention which lasts up to days The Commission intends to …

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Can you detain someone who won't talk you?

… from the family they detained her under a shortterm detention certificate STDC While done with the best of … of action may have been to admit her under an emergency detention certificate The code of practice states that this … www mwcscot org uk Mental Welfare Commission … full_html … Detention … Advice Notes … Ms X was known to have a mental …

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Leverndale Hospital, Banff Unit (2 December 2015)

… the time of our visit there were seven patients subject to detention under the Mental Health Care and Treatment Scotland … were required and completed Where patients were subject to detention there was a leave planner in their file recording all suspension of detention authorised Rights and restrictions The main ward …

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