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Deaths in Detention Reviews contact form

… Deaths in Detention Reviews Following a wider government review, the … or in the community, including those who had their detention suspended). Listening to the personal experience of … us towards developing a system for reviews of deaths in detention then please complete the contact form and indicate …

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Cross-border transfers, cross-border absconding and cross-border visits under mental health law

… Cross-border transfers Who is covered Patients subject to detention in hospital and informal patients transferring from … The transfer window after the standstill period ends Detention status after transfer out of Scotland Patients … a T or T form is due Patients subject to suspension of detention Patients subject to requirements other than …

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Infographic: How long do short term detentions last and how do they end?

… length of short term detentions in Scotland A short term detention certificate STDC can last up to days This has not … when they end and what might affect how they end How the detention ended revoked lapsed extended X P STDCs can be … end on the th day lapsed or progress to a newer longer detention extended There were fewer lapsed STDCs in compared …

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Seeking Your Views Consultation: Capacity, Detention, Supported Decision Making and Mental Ill Health

… making.  … Seeking Your Views Consultation Capacity Detention Supported Decision Making and Mental Ill Health … and friends too Many people have personal experiences of detention but not all This is the first of what will probably … love to know what people think is it sensible to stop Detention under the Mental Health Act in all circumstances …

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Mental Health Act Monitoring Report 2018-19

… treatment New orders at Heath Board level Emergency detention certificates EDCs All short term detention certificates STDCs initiated across Scotland … to detain and patterns in the use of specific forms of detention back to We will publish our findings in these areas …

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The Mental Health Act in General Hospitals

… a patient in hospital What are the criteria for emergency detention Granting an Emergency Detention Certificate Who has the authority to detain How long does a period of emergency detention last What happens if a patient is actively trying …

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Non-compliance with CCTOs

… to be detained in hospital When the CTO does not authorise detention in hospital this is commonly known as a community … subject to a CTO interim CTO or CO that does not authorise detention in hospital where the patient fails to comply with … about agreeing to admission An emergency or short term detention certificate would be the appropriate route …

Published 21 Aug, 2020 | .pdf, 907.2 KB


Racial inequality and mental health in Scotland

… To address this we looked at six themes: ethnicity and detention under the Mental Health Act; the views of people … differences Individual characteristics Where the detention starts Significant risk perception Safeguards What … To address this we looked at six themes ethnicity and detention under the Mental Health Act the views of people …

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Mental Health Act monitoring data 2017-18

… we have reported on the increase in the use of emergency detention orders Rather than continuing to report an increase … compulsory treatment Explanation of terminology Emergency detention certificates EDCs Short term detention certificates STDCs Compulsory treatment orders CTOs …

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Nurse's power to detain

… ECHR In our monitoring report on the use of emergency detention certificates http www mwcscot org uk media edc … of determining whether the granting of an emergency detention certificate or a short term detention certificate is warranted What that means in …

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