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Keep up to date with the latest news from the Mental Welfare Commission.

Find out about our most recent investigations, reports on hospital visits and the latest advice on mental health and adults with incapacity law.

For media enquiries about any of the issues we work on, please contact our communications team at mwc.communications@mwcscot.org.uk.

We cannot respond to out of hours enquiries. If you email us, we will respond to you during normal working hours.

Our news section dates from January 2016.

26 Nov, 2020

Covid-19 Mental Welfare Commission Advice Note, version 19 (26 November 2020)

25 Nov, 2020

Commission publishes new local visit reports - 25 November 2020

21 Oct, 2020

New report on Mental Welfare Commission visit to State Hospital Iona and Lewis wards - 21 October 2020

15 Oct, 2020

Young people detained for mental health treatment – self harm is a key characteristic

9 Oct, 2020

Commission updates position statement on Section 13ZA, Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 in relation to Coronavirus

5 Oct, 2020

Coronavirus – Mental Welfare Commission advice for people using services and their family/carers (version 4, updated 5 October 2020)

30 Sep, 2020

New data shows rise in numbers of guardianship orders in Scotland

10 Sep, 2020

Suicide prevention needs all of us

3 Sep, 2020

Living with an eating disorder – new report on people’s experience in Scotland