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Mental Health Act (Scotland) 2015

… the medical report recommending a patient s continued detention in that hospital but recognise some merit in the …

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Deaths in Detention Reviews information to health boards

… to the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland Deaths in Detention Reviews Mental Health Homicide Reviews Background … or in the community, including those who had their detention suspended)”. This is in the context of the work … 2020) all deaths of patients subject to mental health detention or a community based order under the 2003 Act of …

Published 5 Mar, 2020 | docx, 68.2 KB


Mental Health Act monitoring 2013/2014

… of civil compulsory treatment initiated - Emergency detention by age and gender - EDCs with and without MHO consent by NHS Board - EDCs by pre-detention status and MHO consent to detention - EDCs by time of granting of certificate and MHO …

Published 9 Oct, 2014 | .pdf, 1.1 MB


Characteristics of young people detained under the Mental Health Act in Scotland, 2015-2019

… health and young people International studies - the use of detention Factors associated with involuntary hospitalisation … Demographics and related information of the sample Time of detention and safety of patient Self-harming behaviour … behaviour Impact of detentions and variations in detention practice Limitations Recommendations Executive …

Published 15 Oct, 2020 | .pdf, 1.5 MB


Unlawful short term detention and section 291

… a case where an individual was detained under a short-term detention certificate which the Tribunal ruled unlawful. … and granting the certificate. … COVID- short term detention Unlawful and FAQssection for practitioners version … Advice notes Republished August April Unlawful short term detention and section This information was first published in …

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Deaths in Detention Reviews privacy statement

… The Deaths in Detention Reviews project is listening to the personal … questions.  … Privacy Statement Last reviewed Deaths in Detention Reviews Engagement with families friends Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland The Deaths in Detention Reviews project is listening to the personal …

Published 25 Jan, 2021 | .pdf, 121 KB


The use of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 during Covid-19

… Commission Information used in this report Deaths during detention Detentions Compulsory treatment orders CTOs MHO consent safeguard Previous episodes of detention Detention episode progression Individual characteristics …

Published 17 Dec, 2020 | .pdf, 1.5 MB


Deaths in Detention Reviews contact form

… Deaths in Detention Reviews Following a wider government review, the … or in the community, including those who had their detention suspended). Listening to the personal experience of … us towards developing a system for reviews of deaths in detention then please complete the contact form and indicate …

Published 21 Jan, 2021 | docx, 65.8 KB


Cross-border transfers, cross-border absconding and cross-border visits under mental health law

… Cross-border transfers Who is covered Patients subject to detention in hospital and informal patients transferring from … The transfer window after the standstill period ends Detention status after transfer out of Scotland Patients … a T or T form is due Patients subject to suspension of detention Patients subject to requirements other than …

Published 18 Jun, 2021 | .pdf, 1.2 MB


Mental Health Act Monitoring Report 2018-19

… treatment New orders at Heath Board level Emergency detention certificates EDCs All short term detention certificates STDCs initiated across Scotland … to detain and patterns in the use of specific forms of detention back to We will publish our findings in these areas …

Published 23 Oct, 2019 | .pdf, 2.9 MB