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Tenancies for people with additional support needs - advice for landlords

… Our focus is on supported decision making Capacity how to help make understanding a tenancy agreement easier Within the … could be simplified and provided in a way that might help the person to understand the expectations of them as a …

Published 15 Dec, 2022 | .pdf, 928.5 KB


Autism and complex care needs: executive summary

Published 30 Oct, 2019 | .pdf, 977.6 KB


How much we want to keep our autonomy when being cared for

… responsibility Mentioned less frequently People don t seek help Advance Statements and care planning Knowing the person … out that some people could not participate in care or seek help and that this could be because of attitudes stigma and illness We found out that some people very much wanted help and support and a chance to be looked after but some …

Published 17 Jul, 2019 | .pdf, 447.8 KB


Easyread Intensive support visits

… and may investigate further We give information advice and help to people carers and service providers We help to develop services and we help to make new laws about them We help service providers to …

Published 15 Nov, 2013 | .pdf, 158.2 KB


What you should know when you need an interpreter

… may be better than asking a friend or family member to help What your rights are when you use an interpreter How to … may be better than asking a friend or family member to help If you work with a trained interpreter you will have an … in the room have the reassurance that the interpreting can help you understand any specialised terms or procedures that …

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Rights in mind booklet

… Pathway About this pathway This pathway is designed to help staff in mental health services to ensure that patients are afforded their rights It will also help patients and their families and carers to understand … through the local authority if they are assessed as needing these and help with travel to access them if they …

Published 24 May, 2017 | .pdf, 497.3 KB


Supported decision making (report)

… What could avoid the need for compulsory treatment Getting help before the crisis gets too bad Prevention Safe places … policy makers to provide enough resources and services to help prevent people getting seriously ill These need to have … and also provide a safe place for people to go This would help to prevent people relapsing and becoming extremely ill …

Published 30 Jul, 2019 | .pdf, 516.4 KB


Guardianship research, analysis and projects 2014

… not only means provided under the Act. This might help to ensure that an order is not made where other … making in Canada. The review was limited in its scope, needing to be completed in 4 months. The research involved a … Requiring and seeking assistance is different to needing to ask permission or be supervised while on leave. …

Published 20 Apr, 2015 | .pdf, 2.7 MB


Hard to Help - Mr O

… learning for health and social care services. … Hard to help A Mental Welfare Commission review of the death of Mr O … as a young person in trouble i e in need of extra help and support in progressing through teenage years into … therapeutic activity He did however state that he required help with drug and alcohol problem and he would engage with …

Published 1 Jan, 2012 | .pdf, 124.6 KB


The next Mental Health Strategy

… Ultimately as our Ms MN report said no-one is beyond help But too often people are expected to fit what services …

Published 23 Mar, 2016 | .pdf, 75.7 KB