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We produce a range of publications, for professionals, people with mental ill health and families/carers. You can download them from our website. We have copies of some materials – contact us to enquire.

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Concerns about the care of women with mental ill health in prison in Scotland - easy read

8 Jul, 2021 | .pdf, 7 MB

This report is about women who are mentally unwell and are in the prison system.


Authority to discharge report - easy read

20 May, 2021 | .pdf, 9.6 MB

This report is about the rights of some people who were moved from hospitals to care homes. This report is about people who this
happened to during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Easyread Annual Report 2013-2014

10 Nov, 2014 | .pdf, 570.6 KB

An easy read version of our Annual Report for 2013-2014.


Mr S Easyread

3 Feb, 2014 | .pdf, 182.1 KB

Our investigation into the care and treatment of Mr S in easyread format.


Mr Ef easyread

3 Feb, 2014 | .pdf, 190.5 KB

Our report into the care and treatment of Mr EF in easyread format.


Easyread Intensive support visits

15 Nov, 2013 | .pdf, 158.2 KB

An easyread report on our visits to people with intensive support packages in the community.


Easy read Role of the DMP

14 Nov, 2013 | .pdf, 476.7 KB

This booklet is for people who are having treatment under Part 16 of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act, 2003.


Easy read visiting people

22 Apr, 2013 | .pdf, 242.8 KB

An easy read guide to what happens when the Mental Welfare Commission visits people.


Easy read welfare guardianship

22 Apr, 2013 | .pdf, 248.5 KB

A leaflet explaining our role in welfare guardianship in easy read format.


Easy read who we are and what we do

22 Apr, 2013 | .pdf, 199.9 KB

An easy read guide to what the Mental Welfare Commission does.


Easy read Monitoring

19 Nov, 2012 | .pdf, 1010 KB

Our leaflet explaining how we check your treatment is in line with the law and meets professional standards, in an easy read format.


Powers of Attorney and their safeguards - easy read

13 Feb, 2012 | .pdf, 107.9 KB

An easy read version of our report on powers of attorney. Mark and Sandra have learning disabilities. They were treated badly by Mark's brother.