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Keep up to date with the latest news from the Mental Welfare Commission.

Find out about our most recent investigations, reports on hospital visits and the latest advice on mental health and adults with incapacity law.

For media enquiries about any of the issues we work on, please contact our communications team at mwc.communications@mwcscot.org.uk.

We cannot respond to out of hours enquiries. If you email us, we will respond to you during normal working hours.

Our news section dates from January 2016.

2 Dec, 2016

Government commitment to law review for people with learning disability welcomed

17 Nov, 2016

Annual report 2015-16

6 Oct, 2016

Substantial reduction in admissions of young people with mental ill health to non-specialist wards

29 Sep, 2016

Human rights concern over rising levels of compulsory mental health treatment

29 Sep, 2016

New figures show a continued rise in the use of the law to safeguard people with incapacity

8 Sep, 2016

Death of a baby - Investigation into the care of Ms OP

24 Aug, 2016

Severe and enduring mental illness - community services are working, but more ambition is needed

30 Jun, 2016

New report- Scotland's use of emergency detention without the consent of mental health officers

29 Jun, 2016

Perinatal mental health care in Scotland - Better services needed for mothers and babies