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Commission publishes new local visit reports - 15 June 2022

Publication date: 15 Jun, 2022

The Mental Welfare Commission today published eight local visit reports to NHS hospitals and other facilities.

The reports highlight positive and negative findings from the Commission's visits. They make recommendations for change where necessary. The Commission expects a response to each of its recommendations within three months of the reports being published.

Suzanne McGuinness, executive director for social work, Mental Welfare Commission, said:

“The people who work in our NHS are vital. No-one disputes that. Today’s reports include many comments from patients and relatives saying how kind and caring those staff members are, and the difference that makes. It is great to see these positive statements, particularly given the pressure staff are currently under.

“In contrast, today’s reports also include reference to many situations where there is a lack of activity on wards for patients. This is disappointing, because being able to engage in activities is an important part of the recovery process for many. We look forward to services being reintroduced as soon as possible.”

The reports are for: