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We provide a responsive and accessible, independent and impartial service to help make decisions on the compulsory care and treatment of people with mental disorders in Scotland. Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland website

Mental Health Tribunal

The Tribunal is an independent organisation set up to make decisions on the compulsory care and treatment of people with mental disorders in Scotland. 

The Tribunal has a President and 300 members around Scotland.

If  you have a Tribunal meeting there will be a group of three people - a doctor (psychiatrist), a lawyer and another person with relevant skills and experience, e.g. a nurse, social worker or someone with personal experience of mental illness, learning disability or related condition.

A Tribunal meeting is often called a 'hearing'. The Tribunal must hear and read all the information about you and your case. They then decide what to do about your care and treatment.

What does the Tribunal do?

The main role of the Tribunal is to consider and determine applications for compulsory treatment orders (CTOs) under the 2003 Act.  It also considers appeals against compulsory measures such as short term detention certificates and compulsory treatment orders.  The Tribunal also reviews every compulsory treatment order once it has been in place for two years and every two years after that.

How do I contact the Tribunal?

You can write or phone the Tribunal office. You can ask your named person, independent advocate or solicitor to help you to do this.

Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland
1st Floor Bothwell House
Hamilton Business Park, Caird Park
Mental Health Professionals: 01698 390 000
Enquiries from patients, carers, general public: 0800 345 70 60 (Free phone)