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Power of attorney

A power of attorney is authority given by an individual with capacity, known as the Granter, to another person(s), known as the Attorney(s), to deal with aspects of the Granter's affairs.

This could relate to financial/property matters and/or personal welfare.

Welfare powers cannot be exercised until the Granter has lost the capacity to make these decisions. The Granter can decide how this decision on capacity is to be made.

The Granter decides which powers they wish to grant, however as these powers will be strictly interpreted the Granter should ensure that the powers granted are specific and cover all the relevant aspects of their affairs.

To make the agreement official, a power of attorney document is completed. This details the powers which the Granter wishes the Attorney to have and must be signed by the Granter. It must be certified by a solicitor or a medical practitioner, and then be registered by the Office of the Public Guardian.

Contact the Office of the Public Guardian on 01324 678300 for more information about power of attorney.