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Mental Health Act (Scotland) 2015

… issues of planning in the event of a future episode of compulsory care We would also encourage the wider development … you agree that there should be an exemption allow for treatment in all the circumstances set out in section of the … place to ensure that there is no undue delay in providing treatment in those awaiting a DMP visit The provision of …

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Medical treatment under Part 16 of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment)(Scotland) Act 2003

… been reviewed in 2021. … Scotland s mental health Medical treatment under Part rehabilitation of the Mentalwards Health … and consent to treatment general issues The use of compulsory powers in children Welfare of the child Compulsory treatment of individuals under Child specialists …

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Mental Health Act monitoring 2013/2014

… from our monitoring of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act in 2013/2014. … STATISTICAL … Care and Treatment Scotland Act New episodes of civil compulsory treatment Short term detentions Compulsory treatment orders Geographical variations Nurse s …

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Preparation of care plans for people subject to compulsory care and treatment

… a key mechanism by which a person’s individual care and treatment can be developed, documented and shared with … care plans for Scotland s mental health people subject to compulsory rehabilitation wards care and treatment themed … Medical Officer RMO to prepare when they are subject to a Compulsory Treatment Order CTO or a Compulsion Order CO …

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Mental Health Act Monitoring Report 2018-19

… outlines data on the use of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment)(Scotland) Act 2003 during 2018/19. The report also … Act A Summary and Key Findings New episodes of civil compulsory treatment New orders at Heath Board level … detention certificates STDCs initiated across Scotland Compulsory treatment orders CTOs Variations between local …

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Mental Health Act monitoring data 2017-18

… duty to monitor the use of the Mental Health Care Treatment Scotland Act Until we did this by publishing an … with the Commission Contents New episodes of civil compulsory treatment Explanation of terminology Emergency … certificates EDCs Short term detention certificates STDCs Compulsory treatment orders CTOs New episodes of civil …

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Mental Health Act monitoring report 2020-21

… index of multiple deprivation SIMD Place of safety Compulsory treatment under the Mental Health Act New episodes of compulsory treatment New Mental Health Act orders Emergency …

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Non-compliance with CCTOs

… Non-compliance with community FAQs for practitioners compulsory treatment orders version April Advice notes Advice notes … and small changes to improve readability Introduction A compulsory treatment order CTO allows for a person to be …

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Advance Statements in Scotland

… Advance statements overridden or not in conflict with treatment Comparison with the advance statement register What … statement when a person completes an episode of a relevant compulsory treatment or at an appropriate time following this … to make decisions about their treatment and is receiving compulsory treatment under the Mental Care and Treatment

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A short introduction to the Mental Health Act

… What s it all about A new law the Mental Health Care and Treatment Scotland Act was passed by the Scottish Parliament … provided to people with mental disorder without the use of compulsory powers Participation Service users should be fully … It allows for people to be placed on different kinds of compulsory order according to their particular circumstances …

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