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We produce a range of publications, for professionals, people with mental ill health and families/carers. You can download them from our website. We have copies of some materials – contact us to enquire.


Right to treat - delivering physical healthcare

28 Mar, 2024 | .pdf, 1.3 MB

Guidance on delivering physical healthcare to people who lack capacity and refuse or resist treatment.


Power of Attorney guide for staff in Hospitals and Care Homes

11 May, 2021 | .pdf, 936.9 KB

A quick guide to Power of Attorney for staff in hospitals and care homes.


Power of Attorney under AWI - guide for general practitioners

11 May, 2021 | .pdf, 936.7 KB

A quick guide to Power of Attorney for general practitioners.


Treatment under section 47 of the Adults with Incapacity Act: overview and guidance (formerly 'The Adults with Incapacity Act in general hospitals and care homes')

22 Apr, 2021 | .pdf, 988.1 KB

This document was reviewed in Spring 2021. The previous title was ‘The Adults with Incapacity Act in General Hospitals and Care Homes’.


Rights, risks and limits to freedom

18 Mar, 2021 | .pdf, 1.2 MB

This aims to guide thinking on the use of restraint and encourage care staff to consider the impact actions may have on the people they are caring for.


Deprivation of Liberty

10 Mar, 2021 | .pdf, 1.3 MB

An update of the analysis and guidance advice on deprivation of liberty (originally produced in 2013, current as of 2020).Thank you to Jill Stavert for producing this update.


Hidden Surveillance

5 Feb, 2021 | .pdf, 1 MB

This advice note considers the issues for organisations such as care homes who may be considering using hidden surveillance. It also looks at the subject from the point of view of families and friends of people who are cared for by such organisations, and who may themselves be considering using hidden surveillance.


Decisions about technology

5 Feb, 2021 | .pdf, 1.1 MB

Principles and guidance on good practice when considering the use of telecare and assistive technology for people with dementia, learning disabilities and related disorders.


Western Isles Hospital, Adult Psychiatric Unit, 16 April 2019

19 Jun, 2019 | .pdf, 76.2 KB


Guidance on s13ZA and the Cheshire West Supreme Court Decision

17 Sep, 2014 | .pdf, 99.1 KB

Mental Welfare Commission response to queries related to when to use s13ZA v Guardianship following the Cheshire West Supreme Court decision.