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Commission publishes new local visit reports - 18 May 2022

Publication date: 18 May, 2022

The Mental Welfare Commission today published seven local visit reports to NHS hospitals and other facilities.

The reports highlight positive and negative findings from the Commission's visits. They make recommendations for change where necessary. The Commission expects a response to each of its recommendations within three months of the reports being published.

Suzanne McGuinness, executive director for social work, Mental Welfare Commission, said:

“While today’s reports show some really good examples of care, one issue that emerged in over half of the wards we visited was about poor quality care plans. 

“These care plans should be focused on the individual patient. They are fundamental to a person’s care, support and recovery. We consistently emphasis how important these plans are, yet too often we find they are incomplete, or are not about the patient themselves, but are instead generic.

“Our guidance on how to create these plans is freely available, and we highlight it in every report. We will continue to raise this issue every time we see this gap in patient care.”