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Commission publishes 12 new local visit reports

Publication date: 20 Sep, 2023

The Mental Welfare Commission today publishes 12 new reports on NHS hospital wards and other facilities in Scotland.

Every year the Mental Welfare Commission visits around 100 wards and units for people with mental ill health, learning disability, dementia or related conditions in Scotland, talking to patients, relatives and staff, and examining records. A report is published after each visit. The Commission expects a response to each of its recommendations within three months of the reports being published.

Today’s reports highlight positive findings, aspects of care and treatment where we think the service could do better, and making recommendations for change where necessary.

Claire Lamza, executive director (nursing), Mental Welfare Commission, said:

“While we continue to hear that staff are very responsive in meeting the needs of individuals, our local visits for this month found that there needs to be better information provided so that people can understand what care and treatment they have the right to access, especially when there are restrictions placed on them; supporting people with lived experience in knowing what rights-based care means for them is vital.”

The reports are for: