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Introducing the ICD-11

Introduction of an updated diagnostic classification system for mental health and intellectual disability services in Scotland: ICD-11

“ICD” stands for the “International Classification of Diseases”, and this is the 11th version, known as “ICD-11”. The ICD has several important uses. One of these is that it provides doctors and other healthcare professionals with clear definitions of all diseases and conditions. It lists the “diagnostic criteria” for each of these.

Along with the other member states of the WHO, Scotland agreed to implement ICD-11. The Scottish Government included this in its Mental Health Transition and Recovery Plan published in 2020. The Scottish Government aims to ensure that our approach to mental health services and associated interventions in Scotland is based on the most up to date international understanding of mental health conditions.


Scottish Government have produced a short information summary which can be found here Mental health: implementing the International Classification of Diseases 11th edition - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)

The ICD-11 website is here ICD-11 (who.int)

Some more detail about the differences between the previously used classification system (ICD-10) and ICD-11 is provided in our advice note (see link).