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How you can make a complaint about a service, or about the Mental Welfare Commission.

Complaining about an NHS or local authority service

If you want to complain about a service you have received, you need to complain to the service. Your advocate can help you do this.

The Scottish Public Service Ombudsman provides information on how to make a complaint.

If the public service you complained to has fully investigated your complaint and you are still not happy, you can ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman to consider it further.

Complaining about the Mental Welfare Commission

We recognise the value of complaints in providing feedback on our services.

Complaints can also allow us to give an explanation where there has been an omission or misunderstanding. They are a way for us to learn and improve.

We would like to hear from you if you are not satisfied with the service we have provided. Details of how to complain are included in our complaints leaflet.

Complaints procedure

We have also produced documents which sets out in greater detail our policy and procedure for managing and investigating complaints.

Learning and improving: Complaints and feedback

The links below provide more detailed information about the complaints we have received, including statistics and organisational learning. We produce quarterly complaints reports, as well as an annual review of all of the complaints received.