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Assessment Order

When would this be used?

You are waiting for your trial and the court thinks you are ill. They ask a doctor to examine you. The doctor says that you need to go to hospital to be examined.

How long can an Assessment Order last?

The court can order you to stay in hospital for 28 days. This allows a psychiatrist to examine you. Seven days can be added if the doctor needs more time.

What happens next?

The psychiatrist gives a report to the court. The court then decides if you are well enough to go to trial. They can also decide you need to stay in hospital for treatment.

What if I don't agree to treatment?

If you do not agree to treatment the doctor must get a second doctor to agree. Then you can be given treatment.

Can I appeal this order?

Appeal means you ask the court to change its decision. You cannot appeal against this order. Your doctor tells the court if the order should be changed or stopped.