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Response to Phase 1 Consultation of the Scottish Mental Health Law Review

… well does it work at the moment B How well does the Act help people to get the right care treatment and support C How … requirement is currently met Does more need to be done to help people recover from mental disorder You may wish to … in an altered delivery landscape B How well does the Act help people to get the right care treatment and support The …

Published 29 May, 2020 | .pdf, 1.5 MB


What we should be concentrating on in the Mental Welfare Commission

… Staff recruitment retention continuity and wellbeing Help in crisis The Mental Welfare Commission Peer support … proposition They also wanted to talk about the need for help in crisis and mentioned that A E was not always an … people get lost in this It all changes overnight Getting help at an early stage Very many people have tried to get …

Published 13 Jan, 2020 | .pdf, 861.5 KB


Statement and Guidance on making re-use requests and complaints

… or holds the copyright If that is not us we will try to help you identify who it is if we have not already done so … as you can what information you wish to re-use It will help us to process your application quickly if you give us … but please ask us about this anyway as we may be able to help We will respond to your re-use request in working days …

Published 5 May, 2021 | .pdf, 131.7 KB


Royal Cornhill Hospital, Huntly Ward, 30 April 2019

… has developed Rights in Mind This pathway is designed to help staff in mental health services ensure that patients …

Published 17 Jul, 2019 | .pdf, 394 KB


Person centred care plans

Published 20 Aug, 2019 | .pdf, 884 KB


Strategic Plan 2020-23

… giving them choice over what support would best help them to lead a flourishing life However funding … who can do something about it and what we can do to help to make the change happen This focus on our impact will … strategy is of a Scotland where people can get the right help at the right time expect recovery and fully enjoy their …

Published 7 Jul, 2020 | .pdf, 931.8 KB


Consenting Adults

… and internet use section Social media and the internet can help people socialise and engage with others but also present … social media and the internet Education and support may help but when someone is at risk the Adult Support and …

Published 9 Apr, 2021 | .pdf, 1.3 MB


A review of Psychiatric Emergency Plans in Scotland

… Mental Health Act Code of Practice Vol para as a means to help manage the detention of a patient and aspects of … of who to call or where to go when seeking emergency help for their loved ones As a result it is important that … illness told us that they often have no idea how to get help in crisis A clear theme which emerged was that pressure …

Published 25 Jun, 2020 | .pdf, 1.5 MB


MWC Complaints Leaflet

… We value complaints and use information from them to help us improve our services If something goes wrong or you … on our behalf If other procedures or rights of appeal can help you resolve your concerns we will give information and … working days unless there is clearly a good reason for needing more time Scottish Public Services Ombudsman If after …

Published 4 May, 2021 | .pdf, 123.9 KB


Carers And Confidentiality Guide

… to a service about the individual s care and treatment Help with complaints Named person Advance statements Do … Information and advice About this guide This guide is to help carers and families understand consent confidentiality … of the role of carers and the need to support them to help make caring more sustainable Equal Partners in Care EPiC …

Published 27 Nov, 2018 | .pdf, 698.9 KB