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Nurse's power to detain

… work is at the complex interface between the individual s rights the law and ethics and the care the person is … Scotland We encourage ethical practice that respects the rights of the individual and we provide good practice … that care treatment and support are lawful and respect the rights and promote the welfare of individuals with mental …

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Royal Cornhill Hospital, Blair Unit (5 November 2019, announced)

… exception which was dealt with appropriately on the day Rights and restrictions Aberdeen Advocacy Service is based on … further review of this or encouragement to complete them Rights-based information was not readily available for patients Some patients were not clear about their rights and asked about extension of orders and whether they …

Published 15 Jan, 2020 | .pdf, 132.3 KB


Lynebank Hospital, Tayview and Levendale Wards (15 November 2019, announced)

… and also look at care and treatment patient rights in relation to restrictions and seclusion practices … is incapable of giving consent to medical treatment Rights and restrictions Both Levendale and Tayview wards have … to the ward and that patients are informed of their rights We did note some gaps in rights-based care in relation …

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Grievance Policy 2021-25

… are obliged to comply with This includes Employment Rights Act The Employment Act introduced new legislation … both in general terms and in individual cases Employment Rights Act This legislation places a duty on an employer to …

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Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Craiglea and Myreside Wards (1 August 2018)

… plan and we raised this with staff on the day of the visit Rights and restrictions Those that we spoke to told us that … to see that both parts of the ICP had a focus on patient s rights it was recorded where patients had been made aware of their rights in terms of both the Mental Health Act and AWI …

Published 16 Oct, 2019 | .pdf, 131.3 KB


Lynebank Hospital, Mayfield Ward (24 September 2019, announced)

… look at care and treatment physical health care patient rights in relation to any restrictions and the underlying … paperwork with accompanying treatment plans where required Rights and restrictions Mayfield Ward has a locked door both … to the ward and that patients are informed of their rights We did note some gaps in rights based care in relation …

Published 18 Dec, 2019 | .pdf, 136.2 KB


Business plan review 2020-2021

… from home and to continue our focus of promoting the rights and welfare of vulnerable individuals As part of the … Influencing and empowering Promote development of human rights based MH and incapacity law and practice by leading … Given evidence to the economic social and cultural rights subgroup Governance structure set up internally to …

Published 5 Jul, 2021 | .pdf, 593.9 KB


Care and treatment of people with ARBD in Scotland

… consider whether they are breaching the person s human rights if the person finds themselves compelled to live in a … consider whether they are breaching the person s human rights if the person is compelled to live in a setting which … We have highlighted the challenges of supporting the rights of people with a diagnosis of ARBD to live as they …

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St John's Hospital, Ward 17 (21 February 2022, announced)

… framework are stored correctly and followed appropriately Rights and restrictions We were pleased to see that the main … accepting their care voluntarily they were aware of their rights to leave and return to the ward as they chose to for … mental ill health are listened to and have their human rights respected While we were pleased to note that there was …

Published 18 May, 2022 | .pdf, 143.4 KB


Queen Margaret Hospital, Ward 2 (17 February 2020, unannounced)

… unable to make decisions in relation to medical treatment Rights and restrictions We were advised that the door to Ward … patients we spoke to on the day were not aware of their rights either as an informal patient or a patient detained … clear that patients had a limited understanding of their rights We were advised that patients are informed of their …

Published 15 Apr, 2020 | .pdf, 138.1 KB