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Young people monitoring report 2020-21

… Under article of the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child UNCRC children have a right to the … latest periodic report from the UK in the Committee on the Rights of the Child CRC expressed concerns regarding the … interests However the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child indicates the necessity of ensuring …

Published 29 Oct, 2021 | .pdf, 1.4 MB


Business plan 2021-22

… Government to consider appropriate proportionate and rights based legislative and policy changes driven by the … In all of this work seeking to increase the focus on rights and to address the implications of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities This will require a shift …

Published 11 May, 2021 | .pdf, 1.2 MB


Deaths in Detention Reviews privacy statement

… enquiry to anything you say or send to us It explains your rights over that information whether or not you decide to … is Citizen Space https www delib net citizen space Your rights If we hold personal data about you you have rights over your data The Information Commissioner s Office …

Published 25 Jan, 2021 | .pdf, 121 KB


Leverndale Hospital, Wards 5, 6, Boulevard, Bute, Campsie (12-13 August 2019)

… use of mental health and incapacity legislation rights and restrictions activity and occupation and the … forensic setting and restrictions on the freedoms and the rights of the individuals concerned They were advised to … under the Mental Health Care and Treatment Scotland Act Rights and restrictions All patients on these wards continue …

Published 16 Oct, 2019 | .pdf, 131.5 KB


Forth Valley Royal Hospital IPCU (21 November 2019, unannounced)

… and that the relevant paperwork in completed and reviewed Rights and restrictions The ward is an IPCU and operates a … to our notice that patients did not fully understand their rights in relation to this We discussed the importance of ensuring patients understand their rights and where a patients lacks capacity to consent to …

Published 15 Jan, 2020 | .pdf, 128.9 KB


Barriers to legal representation

… was initially due to a request from the Equality and Human Rights Commission as well as a request for some ideas on this … too out of it to instruct a lawyer You cannot concentrate My son has never had legal representation He has been … of wellness to participate that they do not actually have My daughter was told if you don t hear back then phone this …

Published 9 Jul, 2020 | .pdf, 2.2 MB


Autism and complex care needs

… Assessment and Diagnosis What we expect to find Rights What we found Availability and format of assessment … Post diagnostic support Treatment What we expect to find Rights What we found Multidisciplinary Team involvement … and Support Staying well What we expect to find Rights What we found Physical health Meaningful activity …

Published 30 Oct, 2019 | .pdf, 1.4 MB


Stratheden Hospital, Hollyview Ward, IPCU (14 December 2020, announced)

… with associated dates and the form indicated that patient rights were discussed and explained with each individual We … for those unable to give valid consent where required Rights and restrictions Hollyview is a locked ward and there … discussions were taking place daily in relation to their rights and recorded appropriately We welcomed the flexibility …

Published 17 Feb, 2021 | .pdf, 153.5 KB


Contraception and Adults with Incapacity

… and found a family of the European Convention on Human Rights ECHR and the rights of people with a disability under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities There also needs to be …

Published 28 Apr, 2016 | .pdf, 470.6 KB


Murray Royal Hospital, Moredun Ward (27 November 2019, announced)

… having been told about or given information about their rights as detained patients In one case where we reviewed the … they don t retain information they are given about their rights The Commission would encourage staff on the ward to … patients on an ongoing basis if they are aware of their rights and to provide information about these rights

Published 15 Jan, 2020 | .pdf, 145.5 KB