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Data Protection Policy 2021

… with its approved Records Management Plan Ensure that the rights of people about whom information is held can be fully … a privacy statement which explains more about data subject rights and how to make a request for personal information … available from our website that explains some of the basic rights of data subjects under GDPR External Guidance Detailed …

Published 22 Dec, 2021 | .pdf, 153.1 KB


The Priory Hospital, Tiree Ward (9 July 2021, announced)

… forward to seeing how this has progressed at future visits Rights and restrictions Given that patients on the ward are … important that patients receiving care are aware of their rights and are not subject to unnecessary or unlawful … leaflet which adequately informs patients of their rights and any restrictions in place on the ward and also …

Published 17 Nov, 2021 | .pdf, 193.6 KB


A short introduction to the Mental Health Act

… can you be given treatment against your will what your rights are safeguards to make sure your rights are protected This booklet looks at some of these … mental disorder should wherever possible retain the same rights and entitlements as those with other health needs …

Published 9 Aug, 2022 | .pdf, 104.4 KB


Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Merchiston and Meadows Wards (6 November 2019, announced)

… plans and what patients were told about in terms of their rights under the Mental Health Care and Treatment Scotland … care plans and the advice they were given about their rights Who we met with On the day of our visit we met with … placed upon them under Sections - of the Mental Health Act Rights and restrictions Access in and out of both wards is …

Published 19 Feb, 2020 | .pdf, 129.8 KB


Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Ward 4 (3 December 2019, announced)

… the patient required this The Commission has developed Rights in Mind This pathway is designed to help staff in … health services ensure that patients have their human rights respected at key points in their treatment This can be found at https www mwcscot org uk law-and-rights rights-mind We were told that four consultant …

Published 19 Feb, 2020 | .pdf, 124.1 KB


Records Management Policy 2021-23

… that care treatment and support are lawful and respect the rights and promote the welfare of individuals with mental … protect the interests of the organisation and protect the rights of users of mental health learning disability and … that care treatment and support are lawful and respect the rights and promote the welfare of individuals with mental …

Published 25 Feb, 2022 | .pdf, 181.5 KB


Mid-Argyll Community Hospital, Succoth Ward (9 October 2019, unannounced)

… patients that they were given good information about their rights that they had good access to advocacy support when … to T or T forms for the authorisation of medication Rights and restrictions As mentioned earlier in relation to … they each confirmed that they were fully aware of their rights as detained patients and that they felt they had been …

Published 15 Apr, 2020 | .pdf, 188.7 KB


Privacy statement

… for aims that are proportionate and respect people's rights or for archiving purposes scientific or historical … as a whole Our public reports do not name individuals Your rights If we hold personal data about you you have some rights over your data The Information Commissioner s Office …

Published 10 Sep, 2021 | .pdf, 82.8 KB


Adults with Incapacity: supporting discharge from hospital

… and highlights key points of the law to ensure individuals rights are respected It is issued at this time of pressure on … from hospital whilst respecting and protecting their human rights The Adults with Incapacity Scotland Act The Adults … welfare including community care provision must have their rights protected and respected The principles of the AWI Act …

Published 13 Oct, 2021 | .pdf, 124.8 KB


Borders General Hospital, Huntlyburn House (2 October 2019, announced)

… medication prescribed was authorised appropriately Rights and restrictions In the last report we noted that the … s Patients Right Pathway and continued to work on the rights of informal patients We discussed with nursing staff … GoodPracticeGuide secure pdf The Commission has developed Rights in Mind This pathway is designed to help staff in …

Published 18 Dec, 2019 | .pdf, 109.1 KB