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Borders General Hospital, Cauldshiels Ward (20 June 2019)

… and care plans on the electronic records system patients rights occupational therapy OT provision and the physical … that treatment complies with the principles of the AWI Act Rights and restrictions On the last visit we commented that … a lack of training for nursing and medical staff on the rights of patients We were told that training has since been …

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Position statement on Section 13ZA, Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 in relation to Coronavirus

… organisation set up by statute working to safeguard the rights and promote the welfare of anyone with a mental … has specific legal duties in relation to safeguarding the rights of people who are subject to the welfare provisions of … ensures the adherence of the European Convention of Human Rights ECHR and the United Nations Convention on the Rights

Published 9 Oct, 2020 | .pdf, 1.1 MB


Business Plan 2019-20

… and related conditions are treated fairly have their rights respected and have appropriate support to live the life of their choic e We protect and promote the human rights of people with mental illness learning disabilities … In all of this work seeking to increase the focus on rights and to address the implications of the UN Convention …

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Commission Position Statement on Role and Responsibility in relation to Covid-19

… and to monitor the Act It acts as a safeguard of the human rights of people with mental illness dementia learning … health sector and to help ensure practice follows a human rights based approach UK Coronavirus Act legislation The UK … the emergency measures have for the safeguarding of human rights of people with mental illness and associated …

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Bennachie View Care Village, Ashcroft Ward (11 February 2020, announced)

… that there was good documentation that covered patient s rights however this was not always completed We discussed … form can be used to better effective to ensure patients rights continue to be discussed and reviewed The Commission has developed Rights in Mind This pathway is designed to help staff in …

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Business Plan

… In all of this work seeking to increase the focus on rights and to address the implications of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities This will require a shift … health strategy and working with others to develop the rights based approach in the strategy Identifying how we can …

Published 7 Jul, 2020 | .pdf, 970.9 KB


Specified Persons Guide

… patients and carers. … Specified Persons Guide Know your rights and have your say about your mental health care and … as a specified person we aim to help you understand Your rights How you can expect to be treated Subsequent actions … during your care treatment and support you have the same rights as others to Be treated with dignity and respect for …

Published 18 Jul, 2016 | .pdf, 93.8 KB


Concerns about the care of women with mental ill health in prison in Scotland

… to torture Article of the European Convention on Human Rights ECHR provides that No one shall be subjected to … or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment The rights contained in the ECHR were enshrined in UK law in The Human Rights Act If a person is deprived of their liberty they …

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Data Protection Policy 2021

… with its approved Records Management Plan Ensure that the rights of people about whom information is held can be fully … a privacy statement which explains more about data subject rights and how to make a request for personal information … available from our website that explains some of the basic rights of data subjects under GDPR External Guidance Detailed …

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The Priory Hospital, Tiree Ward (9 July 2021, announced)

… forward to seeing how this has progressed at future visits Rights and restrictions Given that patients on the ward are … important that patients receiving care are aware of their rights and are not subject to unnecessary or unlawful … leaflet which adequately informs patients of their rights and any restrictions in place on the ward and also …

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