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Appendix A: suggested comments for Scottish Mental Health Law Review

… and support how well the Act protects people s human rights Please see the start of the paper for the human rights we think are most relevant here how well the Act … into force in How well the Act protects people s human rights The right to life The current Act does not …

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Covert Medication

… Capacity Refusal of medication Necessity Safeguarding of rights The law and covert medication Deciding whether to give … medical treatment and refuses treatment Under human rights law the right to respect for private life means that … the person s physical or mental health Safeguarding of rights In situations where covert medication is being …

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Hidden Surveillance

… The Commission s aim is to protect and promote the human rights of people with mental health problems learning … What is the Commission s view There are serious human rights considerations in relation to the use of hidden … the right support that support is provided Legal and human rights issues There is no doubt that the use of hidden …

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Coronavirus information for people using services and their families and carers (version 6)

… Main updates Introduction General principles Human rights based approach Human rights in care homes Testing in care homes and hospitals … are still necessary which may affect people s human rights Since December the majority of the country has been …

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Person centred care plans

… inpatient Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland Human Rights in Mental Health Services www mwcscot org uk media human rights in mental health services pdf What is this guidance … to participate in decisions which affect them A human rights based approach is about increasing the ability and …

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Decisions about technology

… Why might assistive technology and telecare be a human rights issue Making decisions and general good practice Use … right to be as independent as possible and be included in my community I have the right to access a range of treatment … most appropriate to their individual needs and their human rights People with mental illness dementia learning …

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Focussed Visit Outcomes 10-11

… health and incapacity legislation the articles of human rights legislation and other important international … and dignity article of the European Convention for Human Rights Care plans that did not appear to comply with the … of health article of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with disability The following sections give …

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Carers and Confidentiality

… and related conditions are treated fairly have their rights respected and have appropriate support to live the … their choice Our Purpose We protect and promote the human rights of people with mental illness learning disabilities … wellbeing The Mental Welfare Commission has published Rights in Mind A pathway to patients rights in mental health …

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Appeals against detention in conditions of excessive security

… security, and gives the Commission’s advice on the rights of patients and responsibilities of public bodies … Issues to be considered in legal action ECHR and human rights considerations Summary what should Health Boards do … security and gives the Commission s advice on the rights of patients and responsibilities of public bodies …

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Strategic Plan 2020-23

… rather than promoting recovery and wellbeing An empowering rights-based system would give individuals choice about their … at the right time expect recovery and fully enjoy their rights free from discrimination and stigma At the same time … there is an increasing recognition of the importance of a rights based approach in health and social care This is …

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