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Deprivation of Liberty

… whom is this analysis addressed Who must comply with human rights law Chapter One Deprivation of liberty and the … Procedural requirements D UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities adding weight to ECHR rights for individuals Chapter Two Care and treatment in …

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Right to treat - delivering physical healthcare

… capacity to consent to treatment whilst protecting their Rights This is because as a general rule medical treatment … professional providing the treatment and to safeguard the rights of the person This guidance provides information to … Adult Support and Protection Scotland Act The Human Rights Act that provides rights and freedoms guaranteed under …

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Appendix 2 - The Right to Advocacy, Children and Young People

… in your area Leaflet and website for ASA children's Rights Officers Who Cares Scotland - make direct contact with … their responsibility to ensure Children are afforded their rights and have access to advocacy services Page Future plans … to support from Aberdeenshire Council s Children s Rights Service Page Monitoring and review arrangements Q What …

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Appendix 1 - The Right to Advocacy

… of mental health officers works well and are very human rights orientated Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland Duty …

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COVID-19 FAQs for practitioners (version 24, 19 March 2021)

… and the risk to health mean that some individuals’ human rights may be restricted, and it is important that any … and updated Contents Introduction General principles Human rights-based approach updated April Human rights of care home residents updated January International …

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Response to Phase 1 Consultation of the Scottish Mental Health Law Review

… and support C How well the Act protects people s human rights please see the start of the paper for the human rights we think are most relevant here Proportionality … a focus on promoting people s social economic and cultural rights such as rights relating to housing education work and …

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Response to learning disability and autism in MHA consultation

… the law complies with the European Convention on Human Rights, and that Scotland should live up to the commitment to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. How this can be done is … the law complies with the European Convention on Human Rights and that Scotland should live up to the commitment to …

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Mental health homicides report

… that we believe is innovative, inclusive and human rights compliant. We believe the proposals laid out in this … Remit of Phase and Phase Phase - Final Proposals Human Rights Considerations Requirements of Human Rights The Right of Life The Right to Life The Positive …

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Authority to discharge - report into decision making for people in hospital who lack capacity

… full understanding of the legal requirements to ensure rights are upheld and the move to care was lawful. Specific … appropriate lawful authority and respect for the person s rights All adults have the right to receive the right support … individuals should receive full information as to their rights in relation to discharge from hospital and outcomes to …

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Young persons monitoring report 2019-2020

… Age and gender What we do We protect and promote the human rights of people with mental health problems learning … Under article of the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child UNCRC children have a right to the … latest periodic report from the UK in the Committee on the Rights of the Child expressed concerns regarding the …

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