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Statement and guidance on making Re-use requests and complaints

… Guidance on making re-use requests and complaints Re-use of The Mental Welfare Commission s Public … statement and guidance on making re-use requests and complaints Contents The Commission s Re-use statement Access … to make a request to re-use the Commission s information Complaints about the Commission s approach to re-use The …

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Privacy statement

… stored in a personal file in our secure database Managing complaints about the Commission Where someone is unhappy … from our website at https www mwcscot org uk contact-us complaints We may ask you for information in order to fully …

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Apologies bill consultation

… plays no role in either the NHS or the Local Authority complaints process We have no authority to pursue a complaint … regarded as admissions of civil liability Indeed the NHS complaints policy explicitly states Even prima facie evidence … the nature and value of apology and understanding the NHS complaints policy for example as exemplified in Flying Start …

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Class 7: How we are performing

… Report Signed Annual Accounts 2018 Annual Report 2017-18 Complaints activity 2016-17 During 2014, the Commission wrote … are dissatisfied with our services, please tell us.  Our complaints leaflet  describes our complaints procedure and how to make a complaint. It also …

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Grievance Policy

… is a framework for handling employees concerns problems or complaints relating to their employment The Commission is … It is expected that any day-to-day problems concerns complaints or difficulties will be resolved in an informal … and for employee use only and is entirely separate to the Complaints Policy which operates to enable the public to make …

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Class 1: About the Commission

… Conflict of Interest Policy Public Interest Disclosure Complaints Policy Complaints Handling Procedures Accountability and Audit … explaining how to make a complaint about the Commission Complaints Policy How to make a request for personal …

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Loss of Focus - Ms Z

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What you should know when you need an interpreter

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Board Minutes - September 2014

… - The Board noted the contents of the financial statement Complaints handling procedures Complaints handling procedures for staff MWC Complaints handling procedures for staff NCF Ms McRae …

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Graham Anderson House, 2 October 2018

… and did not have appropriate information on making complaints this was focussed on external agencies rather than their own internal complaints process Recommendation Managers should review all … of appeal to the Tribunal and regarding the internal complaints procedure There was a monthly community group …

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