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08/09/2016 Ms OP Investigation Report (.pdf, 43KB)

The full report on our investigation into the death of Baby A who died at nine months old. Baby A was suffocated by her mother, Ms OP, who had a history of postnatal depression following a previous pregnancy.

Publication, Investigation report, Perinatal
29/06/2016 Perinatal themed visit report - keeping mothers and babies in mind (.pdf, 40KB)

This is the first study the Commission has carried out into perinatal mental health care in Scotland. In this themed visit, we focus mainly on the care of women with severe postnatal mental illness who require admission to hospital.

Publication, Themed visit report, Hospital, Mental illness, Perinatal
29/06/2016 Perinatal themed visits - results of consultant's survey (.pdf, 38KB)

Perintal themed visits: results of consultant's survey

Publication, Themed visit report, Mental illness, Hospital, Perinatal