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A power of attorney is authority given by an individual (when they have capacity) to another person(s) to deal with aspects of the individual's affairs. This could relate to financial/property matters and/or personal welfare.

Power of attorney, Adults with Incapacity (AWI)
09/11/2017 Common Concerns with Power of Attorney (.pdf, 652KB)

The Commission has compiled this guide to assist health and social care staff faced with issues that arise from the operation of powers of attorney. This document was reviewed and updated in November 2017 to reflect key changes to the Mental Health Act implemented on 30 June 2017.

Publication, Good practice guidance, Power of attorney, Adults with Incapacity (AWI)
12/02/2015 Money matters (.pdf, 136KB)

Our updated guide that sets out options for managing the money of people who - due to mental ill health or learning disability - are unable to manage their own finances. (2014)

Publication, Power of attorney, Guardianship, Good practice guidance
02/11/2015 Power of Attorney guide for staff in Hospitals and Care Homes (.pdf, 60KB)

A quick guide to Power of Attorney for staff in hospitals and care homes.

Publication, Power of attorney, Good practice guidance, Adults with Incapacity (AWI)
12/02/2012 Powers of Attorney and their safeguards - full report (.pdf, 3KB)

Mr and Mrs D, a couple with learning disabilities, suffered years of abuse at the hands of their power of attorney. The Commission has called for the local authority to apologise for failing to protect them (full anonymised report).

Publication, Investigation report, Power of attorney, Learning Disability