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Date Image Title Tags
18/04/2014 Use of Seclusion (.pdf, 3KB)

Our guidance on the use of seclusion updated for 2014 (hard copies available).

Publication, Detention, Good practice guidance, Freedom, restriction and restraint
Advance Statement Overrides 10-11 (.pdf, 10KB)

Professionals, Detention, Mental illness, Mental Health Act (MHA)
13/03/2014 Death in detention monitoring (.pdf, 2KB)

We were asked how many people died while subject to compulsory treatment. Here is our answer and our analysis of the causes of death.

Publication, Detention, Themed visit report, Mental Health Act (MHA)
06/05/2013 Emergency detention certificates revoked by approved medical practitioners (.pdf, 2KB)

An analysis of emergency detention certificates that were revoked by approved medical practitioners, compiled by Mira Thomas and Karthik Bommu.

Publication, Themed visit report, Mental Health Act (MHA), Detention
02/07/2015 Suspension of Detention visits (.pdf, 5KB)

Our monitoring report on the use of suspension of detention (May - Dec 2014)

Publication, Detention, Themed visit report, Hospital