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15/03/2018 Placeholder image

Publication, Advice Notes, Power of attorney, Freedom, restriction and restraint
26/07/2016 Placeholder image

Our advice on sexual relationships and criminal charges where the adult lacks capacity.

Advice Notes, Freedom, restriction and restraint, Learning Disability, Adults with Incapacity (AWI), Sexual Relationships, Contraception, Publication
29/12/2015 Visits to people on longer term community-based compulsory treatment orders (.pdf, 5KB)

A summary of our findings and recommendations from our visits to people on Community Compulsory Treatment Orders (CCTOs) in 2015.

Publication, Professionals, Freedom, restriction and restraint, Themed visit report, Mental Health Act (MHA), Community
02/12/2015 Hidden Surveillance (.pdf, 395KB)

This advice note considers the issues for organisations such as care homes who may be considering using hidden surveillance. It also looks at the subject from the point of view of families and friends of people who are cared for by such organisations, and who may themselves be considering using hidden surveillance.

Publication, Advice Notes, Freedom, restriction and restraint
28/09/2015 Human rights in Mental Health Care in Scotland (.pdf, 3KB)

A joint report between the Scottish Human Rights Commission and the Mental Welfare Commission on progress towards meeting Commitment 5 of the Mental Health Strategy for Scotland 2012-2015

Publication, Freedom, restriction and restraint, Consultation/Research, Research