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New survey from Scottish Government asks for views from guardians

1 November 2018


A new, short, survey for people in Scotland who have the legal role to act as a guardian for a family member, partner or friend is open until 30th November 2018. 

The survey was launched by the Scottish Government as part of its work to reform the Adults with Incapacity Act. It focuses on the support and information people received when they first became a guardian, and how they feel about that now. 

Guardianship allows someone to take decisions on behalf of a person who lacks the capacity to do so themselves. Most guardians are relatives, partners or friends of the individual. 

The majority of guardianships in Scotland are for people who either have learning disability (45%) or dementia/Alzheimer's disease (41%). 

Mike Diamond, executive director (social work) at the Mental Welfare Commission said: 

"We have long been calling for reform of this Act, and one of the reasons for that is to reduce the complexity of the current legal process related to guardianship. 

" We welcome the fact that the government is seeking the views of people with experience of the system, and we hope to share this opportunity widely. I encourage all guardians who would like to give their view to do so before the end of November." 

The survey is available here -