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By law, if an adult is unable to make key decisions or take necessary actions to safeguard his or her own welfare, a court can appoint a 'welfare guardian' to do this for him or her.

Guardianship, Adults with Incapacity (AWI)
17/09/2014 Placeholder image

Mental Welfare Commission response to queries related to when to use s13ZA v Guardianship following the Cheshire West Supreme Court decision.

Professionals, Guardianship, Commission Advice
07/11/2012 Placeholder image

There may be a need to start the process of applying for guardianship in order that the guardian is in place when the individual turns 16.

Guardianship, Adults with Incapacity (AWI), Young people, Commission Advice
07/11/2012 Placeholder image

We have been in discussion with the Scottish Legal Aid Board about civil legal aid for welfare guardianship applications.

Guardianship, Adults with Incapacity (AWI), Commission Advice
10/03/2015 Placeholder image

Professionals, Guardianship, Commission Advice