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National Confidential Forum

The National Confidential Forum (NCF) is set up under the Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2014. 

This Act amends the Mental Health (Care & Treatment)(Scotland) Act 2003 to allow for the NCF to be a committee of the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland.   The NCF Head is accountable to the Chair of the Commission. The Commission is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the NCF, but the NCF will operate independently from the Commission while sharing some corporate services functions.

 The NCF has three statutory functions:

  • to receive and listen to testimony from those who were in institutional  care as children with the aim of contributing positively to their current health and wellbeing.
  • to prevent harm to children and young people currently in care by learning lessons from the past.
  • to signpost other appropriate services to those who were in care as children - before, during, and after hearings. 

The NCF will also record the experiences of those who were in care as children - to enhance public knowledge and understanding of an important part of Scotland's history.

The Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health, Jamie Hepburn, has appointed a new Head, Dr Rachel Happer, to lead the Forum into the next stage of its work. Having made a major contribution to the establishment of the Forum, the former Head, Anne Currie, has stepped down.  He has also appointed two new members to the Forum, Mr. James Malcolm and Dr. Emily Taylor.

The NCF members are ;

  • Dr. Rachel Happer - Head of National Confidential Forum
  • Ms. Stella Everingham  -  Forum member
  • Professor Kay Hampton  - Forum member
  • Dr. Elizabeth Calder -  Forum member 
  • Mr. James Malcolm - Forum member
  • Dr. Emily Taylor - Forum member

The work of the Forum continues, and Forum members are eager to hear testimony from people with experience of institutional care.

Please find a link to the NCF website here.